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"Manage Hotel is a Hospitality Management software on a web platform, suitable for any type of accommodation. Can be used from any internet-connected device. It manages reservations, checkin and chekout, executes customer accounts, receipts and invoices. It also offers many sales statistics and analysis on sales prices. Easy online activation and start-up led by on-line manual.



"SECURE BOOKING is a BOOKING ENGINE platform to be included in your web site, easy to manage availability, minimun stay, full rates and special packages, offers products and living extras. Preenotazioni secure by credit card. Activation in 48 hours.


Recent Comments

Good price and quality

I must express my satisfaction with the services offered by Valmatec Ltd for an excellent quality and price.

I achieved my goals

Using the Manage Hotel hotel management of Valmatec I reached my business goals in terms of efficiency, control my hotel from home.

I have improved the company's image

With the new website designed by Valmatec I acquired a new corporate image and have won many visitors on the Internet.


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